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Centurion was founded 15 years ago upon the well-known fact that many lawsuits are frivolous and that many insurance companies are too quick to settle.  Knowing this, Centurion set out to design a malpractice policy which would not only provide indemnity coverage but we vowed to vigorously and aggressively defend our insureds.  It is Centurion’s intent to litigate each and every claim. A defense team is held on retainer for each and every insured. 

Litigation can be a very unpleasant experience for most individuals and Centurion works hard to ensure a smooth litigation process for every Insured we defend. Our legal defense team has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle the complex medical and legal issues that arise during the course of a claim.

It is this reputation that draws and retains so many insureds to Centurion.