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Who We Are


Who We Are

Our Staff

Centurion is owned and directed by physicians. Centurion's Board of Directors is comprised of Insured physicians, putting our policyholder’s best interest first. We recognize that it is frequently the best physicians who care for the highest risk patients. Our goal is to offer the most affordable premiums, and highest quality coverage.





Centurion is reinsured by Lloyd’s of London with several syndicate insurers participating.  Amlin is the lead reinsurer. Reinsurance allows an insurance company to reduce its exposure to loss by passing part of the risk of loss to a reinsurer or group of reinsurers.


Casualty Actuarial Consultants, Inc.  


Casualty Actuarial Consultants, Inc., is an independent provider of actuarial services. They specialize in providing services to self-insured groups, captives and insurance companies. Their role in working with Centurion is to provide premium analyses, develop rating credits/debits and to determine loss probability.


Shores, Tagman, Butler & Company, P.A. 

Accountants / AuditS

Shores Tagman Butler & Company P.A. provides Centurion with independent auditing and accounting to meet today’s complex and ever-changing tax and insurance regulatory laws. William Shores has been proud to serve on various committees and task forces to draft portions of insurance law to improve rules, regulations and statutes pertaining to the insurance industry and its tax implications

Risk Services, LLC              

Captive Management

Risk Services manages all financial, accounting and regulatory compliance for Centurion. Risk Services is one of the largest Risk Retention Group management organizations in the country. Based in Sarasota, Florida, they have formed and managed over 40 RRG’s since 2002 and have offices throughout the U.S. and overseas.

Defense Counsel

Centurion contracts with highly accomplished medical malpractice defense law firms around the country whose goal is to aggressively defend our physician insureds.