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Our History


Our History

Back in the early 21st Century, the American Medical Association compiled a list of “judicial hell holes”.  Texas was one of those states due to a tort system that was out of control.  The situation became so dire that one out of every four doctors had a medical malpractice claim filed against them each year.  While the majority of these claims were not meritorious, each frivolous claim was costly to defend.  As a consequence, the number of insurance carriers offering to write medical malpractice dropped drastically.  The carriers that were left started charging astronomical rates and non-renewing many of their Insureds. As a result, doctors started leaving the state.  At one point, over 100 Texas counties did not have a pediatrician and over 154 counties did not have an obstetrician.

It was during these harsh times that members of the medical community joined together to come up with a solution.  The goal was to create a professional liability insurance company that would serve and support the needs of the physician.  Of utmost importance was to develop a quality product that was affordable and positioned to aggressively defended its physician insureds.  As a result, Centurion Medical Liability Protective was created.  

Centurion writes medical professional liability insurance coverage for its members.