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Types of Coverage


Types of Coverage

Centurion offers medical professional liability coverage on a claims-made basis. Claims-made coverage provides the insured coverage for claims reported during the policy period, arising from the medical professional services rendered or that should have been rendered during the period from the inception of the initial policy (retroactive date) to the expiration date of the final policy.

Individual Professional Liability

Individual Professional Liability provides the Insured coverage for the performance of professional services rendered or which should have been rendered by the Insured or any person for whose acts or omissions the insured is legally responsible (does not include a partnership, corporation, professional association, or any other physician).

Partnership, Corporation or Professional Association Professional Liability (Clinic Policy)

A clinic policy provides protection for the clinic, corporation, partnership, etc., as a separate entity. It also provides coverage to the individual physicians employed by the entity for the acts of the other physician(s) in the group, but only if those physicians are employees of or partners in the organization and an appropriate premium has been paid to cover those employees or partners.

Vicarious Liability

Vicarious Liability provides professional liability coverage to an Insured for the professional acts and services rendered on the Insured's behalf by another party. Vicarious Liability only applies if the other party has valid, collectible, individual medical professional liability insurance, and has a permanent license to practice. The Limit of Coverage provided will not exceed the limits of the other party's liability insurance. Such coverage applies only if the medical incident occurred during a Policy Period for which an appropriate premium for such coverage has been paid. Limits of coverage in effect at the time of the incident will apply.

Extended Reporting Period Endorsement (Tail Coverage)

Extended Reporting Period "Tail" Coverage provides the Insured with an unlimited period of time in which they can report claims arising out of the performance of professional services rendered or which should have been rendered subsequent to the Retroactive Date and prior to the termination date of the Claims Made policy.