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Coverage Questions FAQ



How was Centurion created?

As a result of a malpractice crisis that remains problematic in many states, Centurion Medical Liability Protective Risk Retention Group was formed, which is a type of insurance company called a "captive". The Company was created according to a statute passed by the federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986 (LRRA) that allows physicians to form their own insurance company.

Who is eligible for medical malpractice insurance through Centurion Medical Liability Protective?

Our purpose remains the same today as it was when the Company was founded:  To provide a quality alternative to the current premiums offered by other medical malpractice insurance companies, by offering affordable coverage to physicians living and practicing in the states of Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee, and Texas. Centurion Medical Liability Protective was established by physicians to protect and serve other physicians. Those physicians who meet underwriting guidelines are eligible to be insured by the Company.

Is Centurion currently accepting new applications?

Yes, Centurion is accepting new applications. We insure physicians who are practicing either as solo practitioners or as part of a group. Group medical malpractice insurance policies, both for the individual physicians and the corporate entity are common products that are offered by Centurion. The risk retention group mechanism allows its members to exercise greater control over the underwriting function. Our underwriters have acute insight with respect to the risks associated with the industry. Centurion offers coverage to the entire array of medical and surgical physician specialties, and also provides insurance for the healthcare professionals associated with these practices. An application with Centurion is not a guarantee of insurance.


This electronic information is published by Centurion Medical Liability Protective, a risk retention group, for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation or sale of insurance to any person not eligible for membership or in states where the risk retention group has not filed its registration as required by the federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986 (LRRA).  Risk retention groups operate under the federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986 and provide insurance for the common liability risk exposure of eligible group members.

Policies issued by a risk retention group may not be subject to all of the insurance laws and regulations of your State.  State insurance insolvency guarantee funds are not available for risk retention groups.  This electronic information is intended solely to provide general information and it is not intended to constitute legal advice.  If legal advise is desired or needed, an attorney should be consulted.